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Not just for vegetarians (sustainable living)

Outstanding product. Competitive with fish Omega on both price and technical quality. Been using it since August 2015. Clean, neutral taste. An important contribution to sustainable living. All consumers should switch to "laboratory farmed" algal Omega-3 fatty acid. Everyone avoiding the global INSANITY of consuming Omega-3 oil sourced from fish or krill caught in the wild. Even farmed fish, such as salmon, are typically fed anchovies - caught in the wild. Lunacy. Unsustainable. I trust, and am convinced, as to the scientific approach, care and integrity that underpin the superiority of Opti3 algae made Omega-3 EPA DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids considered vital to cell membrane health and nerve function; help reduce cardiovascular disease (e.g. anti-inflammatory effect on artery walls, reducing cholesterol related plaque build up); beneficial to blood pressure; important to heart health (and possibly to brain function). Other benefits, and anti-inflammatory effects, possible too - but research continuing. Thank you ESB Developments Ltd (Vegetology) and Nutrition Specialists (developers and manufacturers) for PIONEERING the way forward for SANELY SOURCED Omega-3. Pick, dispatch & delivery process for my order was efficient and smooth.


I have been using this product for a while now and love it ,I was wondering if I could give it to my dogs they have arthritis ,I have them on Atlantic salmon caps at the moment ,but being a vegetarian I would like to get them on something which does not kill animals .The amount in the fish oil is 90 mg of EPA and 110 mg of DHA ,I give them 2 a day ,once again thanks for a wonderful product

Hi Fraser, thank you for your comments and Happy New Year. Opti3 is safe for your dog :)

Excellent product, I live in Canada and the package came quickly and in great condition.

I suffer from dry eye, since taking only one of these supplements my vision has increased by probably 30%. Very pleased and definitely recommend!

I started taking Opti3 a couple of years ago. I suffer from depression and anxiety and have a number of physical health problems on top. I can't say I know exactly what Opti3 does, but I do know that if I stop taking it (sometimes I forget to order and go a couple of weeks without), I feel unhealthier in both body and mind.

I am glad this product is on the market as i have a fish and shellfish allergy and taking even the most premium fish oil makes my throat choke up and i feel terrible for days. I have tried 2 other vegan brands and both i did not feel good on, also the after taste was quite bad. Opti3 on the other hand i have seen no negatives and i have noticed some of the inflammation in my hands has subsided. Will buy again!

I am extremely pleased with this product! Other vegan omega-3 supplements I have tried, leave an after-taste. Opti3 leaves no after-taste. I am also impressed with the high dose that I get for a reasonable price. Being in the US, I have communicated with the company only through e-mail. I have been extremely impressed with the fast and very courteous responses I have gotten. I had a problem with one bottle not having the seal on it. When I notified customer service about it, they immediately sent a response saying that another bottle was on its way. I take several supplements. I highly recommend this company's products and service!

My GP prescribed me a medical dose (20,000 iu) of Vitamin D3. Unfortunately, it was a lanolin derived product. I searched high and low for a vegan alternative and when I couldn't find one in a suitably high dose I rang ESB Developments / Vitashine for advice. They could not have been more friendly or more helpful. What a professional and dedicated team, I'm so impressed. I have made my order today. I have read the reviews and information on this site regarding the Opti3 product and I am likely to try this too, in due course.

I have been using these amazing VEGAN products for almost a year now. FANTASTIC, really fab - had a great impact on my life/health. Always super fast service too. Brilliant! :-)

Fast delivery, great service and friendly communications. The products are good value and quality.

Fantastic product from great people.

So refreshing to deal with a company that genuinely care and want to make a difference. Opti3 is the best around by far.

You guys ought to shout more about the fact it is non-GMO and Made in UK.

Just splendid! I really really like.

I have been using this product for almost a year. I have adult ADD and this form of DHA really helps me to focus at my work. The post office lost one of my orders and I thought I was going to crash without it and have to resort to using a fish oil...uggh I'm vegan.....fortunately this great company helped me get a speedy replacement.
Very pleased with this product and company!

I am a biochemist and am very convinced of the benefits of DHA and EPA for brain, eye and metabolic health as evidenced in scientific literature. An effect I can see right away is that my triglycerides have sunk to a healthy level. The positive long-term effects are not visible now, but it's like investing on your body of the future. Why kill fish and damage ecosystems to benefit yourself, when you can buy this algal product? Also, their customer service is one of the best I've contacted since moving to Europe.

A great product! I will definitely continue purchasing this supplement.

I've used Opti3 for about 2,5 years now and for me it's the best vegan omega 3 product on the market. The dosage per caspule is a lot higher than with other brands (especially the EPA), and the price is right. With this supplement I can actually see and feel the difference if I don't take it for a while. Customer service is great too. Highly recommended!

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